Teaching 2004/5

LSE course GV263Public policy analysis (Undergraduate class teaching)
This is a very satisfying course looking into the policy process in more depth than undergraduates often get the chance to do. It covers not only the policy process, but evaluation, regulation and issues such as measuring success in public policy. Students have the chance to come up with their own contemporary and localised examples and apply their learning to relevant issues.

Amongst other occasional lecturing:

Unit: Governing the British economy (in LSE course GV460: Politics and policy in Britain)
Slides here How can one summarise governing the British economy to a set of international students with vastly differing backgrounds in both economics and British contemporary economic and political history. I checked them out by asking ‘Do you know what Butskillism is?’ and ‘Does the phrase “Winter of discontent” mean anything to you?’. Only two people knew what was going on so the lecture combined a breathless sprint through both the post-war context and the mechanisms and evolution of policy behind the British economy. Please do not judge harshly this heroic attempt to fit a quart into a pint pot.



About stuartastill

Consultant: interested in analysis that impacts politics i.e. everything! Can do difficult equations - but avoids when working with humans
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