“my north”

from an interesting research paper:


from a lecture by Professor Katie Wales, Chair of Modern English Language, School of English, University of Leeds:

“This romanticised, industrial landscape has been satirically deflated in very similar ways by Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood, in the guise of the topic of the writer and his roots. In The Listener (1981) , in Bennett’s ‘The Pith and its Pitfalls’, there are Monty Pythonesque lines such as:

‘Six bob was six bob in them days. You could buy three pennyworth of chips and still have change from sixpence. We were all miners in our family…Under the skin, I suppose I’m still a miner…in a very real sense,…a miner writer….I think perhaps that’s why I live in Ibiza, because the blue of the Mediterranean reminds me of the blue of the eyes of the Doncaster miners…’ (repr.1994 :383)

In one of her TV sketches Victoria Wood at a fashionable London party meets Alan [Jim Broadbent] , a Yorkshire playwright skulking in the entrance hall. He addresses her with lines such as

‘…Southern parasites. Licking the fat off the land while the north lies dying. Close the conservatory door, lad, there’s bones inside….They’re letting it die – my north…’

Victoria: ‘Whereabouts do you live?’

Alan: ‘Chiswick.’”


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