Teaching public administration: diversity and ethics

Colin Talbot looks away from Whitehall for a moment: http://whitehallwatch.org/2011/02/22/teaching-public-administration-to-tyrants-the-lse-libya-and-me/ And he raises interesting points.

Colin raises some good questions about both public administration and the way to teach it, especially to public servants already embedded in their work context.  Are the questions anymore complex over how to deliver formation in Public Administration to a police officer and a hospital administrator compared to Americans and Chinese? Attitdues and beliefs vary across many dimensions – the challenge of a good MPA is to extract the essence and provoke questioning and refinement of the critical faculties through knowledge and expertise imparted in a stimulating environment.

How to do this is, of course, much harder than professing it!


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Consultant: interested in analysis that impacts politics i.e. everything! Can do difficult equations - but avoids when working with humans
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