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Why network analysis is the way to describe the (better?) future

[this blog is now featured on the ‘New thinking for the British Economy’ site here ] What it is, what it’s not Network analysis is the method of the future. That is not only – certainly not primarily – because … Continue reading

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Bigger data than ideas

We are all being measured in ever more detailed, unseen and uncontrolled ways. David Beer makes some excellent points on this topic in his recent blog here . David highlights the value of such data for immediate feedback and adjusting our course … Continue reading

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Economic Choices: the role of the state

Session 3 of my course ‘Economic Choices in Public Policy’ on the Sciences Po MPA is probably the most crucial to understand what economic choices are all about. So I think it is wise to share the reading list for those … Continue reading

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Victoria Beckham – Teaching us about some hard economics (the wrong way)

Several sources (including the Guardian have written about ‘Management Today’ having Victoria Beckham at the top of their list of entrepreneurs. The Guardian (and others) should know better than to spout this nonsense as a neutral story The fact … Continue reading

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Complexity and policy bubbles

The nature of the mathematics that causes bubbles and herding is truly complex and non-linear. This means that a very small (perhaps undetectable, perhaps entirely random) change in circumstances can set of a chain reaction that causes a massive bubble; … Continue reading

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Unorthodox economics

What can we hope for by questioning, and thereby immediately humiliating, the traditional academic economics that gives almost complete primacy to ‘free market’ neo-classical approaches? I believe we can gain a generation of fertile minds, freed to achieve what nef call a ‘transformed economy’. … Continue reading

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The WRM onion – what really matters in Wellbeing and BeyondGDP

The Brainpool final conference in Paris went off very well; plenty of agreement about the important things, but plenty of debate about how to do these important things best. I had a few ideas bubbling under before I went and … Continue reading

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